“Merry Christmas, 2021,” from Pam & Jim Wining

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Listening and seeing God’s love of us through friends, neighbors and acquaintances is such a joy of Christmas. The compassion and care shown for the sick, the injured, the poor and the lonely is a remarkable component of the meaning of Christmas. This joyous time in celebration of Jesus’ birth should remind us to rely on things of God and not of man.

Pam and I are so happy and fulfilled with our family, our friends, our animals and Acts Ministry. This year through all the conflict and revengeful rhetoric we rejoiced in our Lord and the directions we received from The Holy Spirit. After losing our beloved friend and pastor Bruce Pearson, Founder of The Veterans Church, we received a new pastor Kevin Kilmurray and his wife, Donna to head up The Veterans Church. Their combination of message and music is reaching our veterans around the world in their homes, in care facilities and at our headquarters.

Next after an absence in serving the “autism community,” our dear pastor Billy Burris reminded us of our experience, contacts and community needs for persons and families effected by autism during ActsFest 2021. We stepped into this calling with three series of programs on Acts Media Group and have reached thousands of those affected and those previously unaware. More, programs on different issues involving autism are planned for 2022.

We visited one day with a guest on “Changing Times,” and “The Happy Hour,” AMG programs, Dee Wampler, Esquire about his book, “The Trial of Christ.”  Unfortunately, he passed this year. He was by profession one of the truly great attorney’s in this country. However, our earlier discussions with him about his book becoming a 21st Century adaptation play did not end with his passing. I am pleased, to confirm his family agreed to proceed and like us, is looking forward to its production in 2022. 

Finally, Acts Ministry has been blessed with a leader who crosses political and religious lines with ease and politeness. Lynn Morris together with his energetic co-host Dawn Blackard, started the program “Changing Times,” with weekly guests one after another with information and insight into the world we live in. This is exactly the reason why Acts Ministry created Acts Media Group. This program is a bridge between eliminating  misunderstanding and creating agreement. This is one significant part of our vision, “Unity, in Christ, through The Holy Spirit.” 

It is amazing how trials of man create answers from God, when we listen.

Merry Christmas,
Pam & Jim Wining