“Marketing Ministry or Selling the Gospel?” by Dr. Paul C. Collins

It’s time to take the gloves off and take a hardball look at modern day methods of communicating the “Christian” message.

As an almost avid viewer of “televangelism” (and church programming, religious broadcasting, etc.), I am finding the presentations more and more disheartening. The satellite (“Christian”) networks, in particular, seem to have selected a handful of ministries to fill their program slots. It is interesting that the “chosen” are predominantly those who have the ability to reach the pocketbooks of the viewers.

There are at least three “news” outlets via internet that are supposedly releasing information they have obtained about televangelists, mega-churches, and other ministries.  As I delved into their findings, it became evident that they, too, had an axe to grind. Some of their subjects were given high marks for integrity and transparency while others were reported as not being open to examination. “Christian” bias can take center stage when you manufacture Trojan Horses or favor sacred cows.

One fact is undeniable: “religious” broadcasting has become a major industry! Otherwise, why would our federal government have given more than $78 Billion in forgivable “loans” (PPP Funds) to the richest of the rich “ministries”?

If you are a Christian, where is your place in this scenario? Maybe it is time to re-examine your financial support to a ministry or a church. If you are not a Christian, how can you use this information? I suggest you do your due diligence in researching the roots of Christianity, sound theology from the masters in history, and become engaged in dialogue with ministers who are well-trained, experienced, and living without the benefits of celebrity. These can be found in nearly every American community. They are low-profile because they do not have the “bully pulpit” of satellite television. They are low-profile because they are busy comforting the bereaved, visiting the sick, providing sound counsel for families, and offering a complete cadre of relief to the problematic in their respective communities.

Those who are gainfully engaged in executing the call of God on their life, are too busy and sincere to seek to be gainfully employed as the speaker/administrator of a high profile television presence.

The “marketing of ministry” and the “selling of the gospel” has gotten out of hand. Is it too late to bring it under control before the government acts? After all, the same government that can extend forgivable loans can also become very unforgiving.

Think about these things.