“Love your Your Neighbor as Yourself,” by Dr. James R. Wining


Are we doing a good job in defending life? Maybe those that speak for diseases such as cancer, autism and alzheimer’s’ are the voices to hear? In 1957, I heard my grandmother’s doctor tell her that we have three ways to treat cancer. They were radiation, chemotherapy and surgery. I heard these same treatments 64 years later for a dear friend. My mother’s doctor told me in 2004 when she came down with alzheimer’s disease there was nothing we can do except prolong her life. She deteriorated over the next 7 years and died in 2011.Finally, my son was pronounced autistic in 1995 and I was provided at least eight different types of medicines to suppress not cure his behavior. Why are we not focused on healing the diseases? What can possibly be more important than the love and care of people? 

There are many diseases that need attention but these three cancer, alzheimers and autism  affect millions. 3,5 million people each day suffer from autism. 23 million people have been diagnosed with cancer. 5.0 million with alzheimer’s disease. All three of these diseases have remarkable growth spirals which emanate in the youth for autism, the senior for alzheimer’s and all ages for cancer.It is very likely 10-15% of our total population will be afflicted by these diseases, not to mention the millions caring for these loved ones and the financial harm.to our society.

Acts Ministry has a vision, “Unity, in Christ, through the Holy Spirit,” and a mission of “Doing the Right thing wherever needed.” Let’s put these two abstract concepts together into one cause which is for Christians and non-Christians. Let us come in unity to do the right thing by supporting and committing ourselves to seek all means public and private to provide talent, education and resources to heal these diseases now!

Can we focus on cooperation? Can we put aside political differences? Can we come together irrespective of differences of race, ethnic background and religion?  Again, I state maybe those that speak today who are affected by cancer, alzheimer’s and autism will be voices which should be heard. In this instance they might just awaken us to the reality what Jesus commanded Christians to do in Mark 12:31 “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Pass it On!!!