“Love through Unity, The Will of God,” Dr. James R. Wining


Preachings on TV, Radio or an Internet Website requires the listener to reach out into the Christian World for information. 2.2 billion people of the 6.9 billion people in the World consider themselves Christians. This means 4.7 billion people are not Christians. When you step into the World on “Social Networking Platforms,” such as Facebook you are going onto the World platform without the protection of doors, mortar  and/or controlled distribution. The world’s listeners are your judge. 

What are these listener’s seeking? While mind reading is impossible the basics of humanity are not. All human’s have wants, needs and desires. Basic to that is food, clothing, shelter and emotional comfort. Christians can offer the listener needs assistance including food, clothing and shelter through their various social services.  Moreover, many of their wants economic, social and physical can be met with small groups, job connecting and physical help. These factors of wants and desires can also be found outside the Christian World. So what can Christians offer the listening world when they step into its domain?

The one word is  LOVE. The Christian message into the the world must be an unabridged gift that answers their need for emotional comfort. The listener knows all about good times, bad times and “Doing The Right Thing.” What the listener maybe be seeking is peace from their life choices, understanding for where they are and finally a pathway for dealing with themselves in a world of fear, hate and judgement.   

The Body of Christ may have different tools, procedures and mechanisms exercised by its various churches, denominations and independent ministries but the comfort through all the various stages offered the new listener must be love. “Unity, The Will of God,” will protect this reach into the world and demonstrate to the 4.7 billion Non-Christians that while there are different means from different Christian organizations, we can count on a love. Christian love will see me through to understanding and peace irrespective of any specific church, denomination, or independent ministries. 




Author: PastorLB