“Love, Honor and Obey,” by Dr. James R. Wining


How does God know we love, honor and obey Him? Do we demonstrate to God this by giving, serving and worshiping? Do we know God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit? Who is in charge of man now? Is it man, is it the evil one or is it God. Now is the time of your testimony. Who do you worship?

ActsFest culminates your life testimony into four short days. This will not be a Sunday worship service, a Revival for Evangelism. a Christian music festival or a group Bible study.  Instead ActsFest is a “Gathering of Believers,” much like those who gathered in The Upper Room. Different because unlike the Gatherings at the time of Jesus now the Gatherings are at time of The Holy Spirit. 

Your testimony will be evidenced by your worship, your service and your giving. Worship means listening during this time for The Holy Spirit to speak to you and listening to those in the Gathering receiving instruction from The Holy Spirit. This will involve concentration, a clearing of your mind and patience to receive and possibly give from the knowledge given you by The Holy Spirit.

Service starts before ActsFest and continues through out the 4 days. You should think of your loved ones including spouses, relatives, neighbors, work associates and friends. Who among them believes but has fallen away for a variety of reasons. The corners of the world have been reached and now is the time to harvest and perfect the believers in whatever stage of commitment they are in. You can make the difference in their eternal lives by bringing them to ActsFest.  This is service and to the extend their are financial obligations in this service it is also giving.

Giving is not a prideful piece of faith evidence but it is the piece that shows where you are in giving God your “First Fruits and your very best.” Supporting ActsFest means supporting Acts Ministry by opening the doors of its facilities 24 hours a day 7 days a week for prayer, worship, service and Holy Spirit instructions. Now is the time of Believers, as we pass out of man’s rule into God’s rule and his conflict with the evil one. We have very limited seating and you have the opportunity to show your love, honor and obedience to God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit by giving, serving and worshiping at ActsFest 2022. 

Author: PastorLB