Look, Listen, Learn… And Tell Your Email List By Dr Paul Collins

Dear friends and family,

     Last month, I began my 65th year in ministry to tell the world the good news about Jesus and the Kingdom of God.  After completing 64 years, the journey continues because of technology.  I am now able to communicate with more people in one hour than I could from the traditional pulpit during all those years of being a pastor and or an evangelist.

     “What’s different?” you may be asking yourself.  The difference is technology. When I began preaching in 1955, no church (in my area) had a sound system.  A few years later, they adopted microphones and primitive speakers.  Today, even the smallest churches I visit have sound systems able to produce high quality voice amplification.  Now, in this 21st Century, we have technology that allows me to talk over the Internet to an international audience.  I want you, your family, your friends, and everyone on your email list, to hear what Nancy and I say about current events, the news of the day/week, social issues, and other tidbits of interest by tuning in to “The Happy Hour” every Friday morning at 9 o’clock (CT) via Acts Internet Radio (www.actsmediagroup.com) or www.facebook.com/acts media group.  Yes, you can hear us AND see us!

     This, obviously, is not a “preaching show.”  However, Nancy always adds the “touch of personal faith” to every article of discussion.  And, sometimes, I manage to insert an obvious Christian perspective.

     I know you will assist us as we work to further the mission and work of Acts Ministry by watching, listening, and WEEKLY sending reminders to your email list.

     Here is the Monday – Friday lineup of great shows via Acts Media Group:

·       Monday – Friday, 8-9:50 A.M.,  Morning Drive with Matt and Jason

·       Monday, 9-10:50 A.M. , Bringing It Home with Tony

·       Tuesday, 9-10:50 A.M. , Something To Celebrate with Tom and Amber

·       Wednesday, 9-10:50 A.M. , The Marketplace of Humanity with Sam and Steve (two good ole boys in Bible study)

·       Thursday, 9-10:50 A.M., The Power Hour with Ernie and Schuyler

·       Friday, 9-10:50 A.M.,  The Happy Hour with Paul and Nancy.

·       The Second and Fourth Sunday afternoons at 2 o’clock and every Thursday evening at 6:30, The Veterans’ Church can be viewed on Facebook.

     If you want further information, my email is drpaulcollins@sbcglobal.net and my cell phone is 417-830-4343.

     Tomorrow is our day for THE HAPPY HOUR.

          Stay blessed,

              Dr. Paul Collins