“Just Suppose,” by Dr. Paul C. Collins

According to conservative biblical scholars, there are “signs” of the End Times (end of the world as we have known it). To cut to the chase, many “doomsday preachers” are heralding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) as one of the many signs that the end is near. Now … please be patient with me and read more of what I am trying to say.

Bible prophecy has been used and misused for thousands of years (during the times of the Old Testament, New Testament, after the New testament, and up to and including right now! So, what is the truth? Hold on. I’m trying to get to an opinion. I am trying to get to my opinion. I cannot claim to have arrived at the truth! Sorry about that.

Just suppose the “city on seven hills” (as spoken of in the Book of The Revelation), is not a city at all! What if it is a system? (Please don’t leave me at this point … I may have found a nugget tucked away in my brain).

Just suppose the “city” is actually a system that is a reflection of our times. Just suppose that the seven hills can be identified as aspects of our times when mankind “climbs the mountain to worship.” Just suppose we have our “high places” like those established as places of worship in the Old Testament. Perhaps you recall that King Solomon had hundreds of wives and he allowed the establishment of “high places” for worship to accommodate his many wives.

Just suppose we have our “high places.”  What could they possibly be?

Here is my preferred list of seven “high places” chosen by much of the world’s population as destinations for worship (listed in no particular order):

  • Religion
  • Economics (money)
  • Education (I remember when everyone was urged to finish high school … now it’s college)
  • Entertainment (movies, sports, etc.)
  • Materialism (coupled with money)
  • Science (It is often used to discredit a belief in God)
  • Culture (styles, trends, etc.)

I remember reading in chapter 18 of The Book of The Revelation that when “Babylon fell” multitudes cried out “Oh mighty Babylon, how you have fallen.” The people mourned the loss. Wealth was “laid waste.” There was no more music. The list goes on. In verse 8, it states that in one day there was the development of plagues, pestilence, mourning, and famine.

Just suppose this virus is at least a glimpse into just how severely limited mankind is in the overall scheme of the universe of universes.

Now … how about some good news? I recommend reading what it is reported to have been taught by the greatest teacher who ever lived. Some of his teachings are recorded in the book of Matthew (first book in the New Testament of your Bible), chapter 10, verses 34 through 42 (with an emphasis on verses 38 and 39) and in chapter 11, verses 25 through 30 (with an emphasis on verses 28 -30).

No, I am no more qualified than you to be offering advice … so what I have given is not advice. It is just my opinion … and my not so scholarly attempt to shed some light on current events … and my way of saying …