“Join the A-Team (Acts Ministry),” by Dr. James R. Wining

Each week Monday through Friday and every other Sunday Acts Media Group reaches into the homes, places of employment, recreational spots and vehicles of all kinds of people in all kinds of circumstances. As Acts  Ministry’s (AMI)evangelism tool, AMG and its operations of Acts Television Network, Acts Radio and The Real News-Review offer an abundance of knowledge, humor, reflection, and love. They accomplish this on twelve shows that demonstrate the messages of the Lord learned and applied without judgement, harshness or condescension. Shows discuss gold & silver, veterans issues, faith, positive thinking, news, weather, spirituality and much more. However, what else is Acts Ministry doing you might ask?

Every day AMI is reviewing and searching for ministers and ministries throughout the world. First, to find those committed to the vision, “Unity, in Christ, through The Holy Spirit,” Second, to determine if their mission includes “Serving Where Needed,” in service that can only be described as “Doing The Right Thing.” Third, and equally important is the willingness to be accountable to this mission and vision through their support, reporting and service. This latter point is a time consuming labor for AMI but clearly places the subordinated ministers and ministries in the divine position of accountability and obedience.

Frequently, AMI is involved with social cause issues such as autism, kidney transplants and other unpopular causes. AMI is truly the Christian advocate of causes neglected or disinteresting to the public and prime time media. While not the “Big Check Writer,” AMI is that filler market helper for deductible help, or resource contact or simply providing helpful informative videos. Social issues are not all solved by government programs many can be helped by connection, organized cooperation and the love of Christ!

We could go on and on about the wonderful works of AMI subordinates such as The Veterans Church, Autism Awareness, First Acts Church, Crosswalk of Hope and the many others. Now however, is your time to join in this transdoctrial and transdenominational service which is making a difference every hour of every day. Click here to donate: https://actsmediagroup.com/
Or send your check to: Acts Ministry, Inc. 1736 East Sunshine Suite 216 Springfield, Mo.65804