“ITS TIME!” by Dr. Paul C. Collins

There are some issues that must be met head on, and there will never be a better time than now for me to tackle a few that may be slightly sensitive. At any rate, here goes nothing (as they say in the movies).

Opinion Number One

Politics! Power! Perjury! Plundering! These are words that only partially describe the present state of politics in our beloved country. I admit that I cannot name the politicians actively grabbing power, lying, and plundering the wealth of the governed due to the obvious possible repercussions.

Opinion Number Two

 I am definitely not promoting an ideology that complains about the wealth being in the hands of the few! Never will I correlate the wealth of free enterprise with the Socialists who want to pretend to be good Robin Hoods. The mythical character in Sherwood Forest was a man of the best intentions to serve his fellows. The phony, pretend Robin Hoods in the political world do not live and work in Sherwood Forest. They live and work in the swamp! To make it even more of an extreme situation, the swamp has grown beyond the Beltway in Washington, D.C. and can be found in too many states, cities, and counties.

Opinion Number Three

Oh, for the good old days when newspapers were dailies being delivered to front porches or sold on the streets. Those were the days when the news knew how to keep its nose clean by being careful to be truthful! Those days have gone with the ill wind that blew in the world-wide web, cell phones, and satellite television. We older folk woke up (when “woke” was still a good word) one day and discovered that Walter Cronkite and his predecessors were no longer in charge. The media had slipped stealthily into the hands of incompetent purveyors of personal opinion mostly formed and shaped by their less than patriotic, liberal university professors. Talk about a slippery slope! Our nation is on it and there is a swamp at the end of the slide waiting to swallow up the moderate people who have common sense, practicality, and a love of freedom.

A Final Word

I genuinely welcome responses to this essay. You can agree, disagree, speak your mind, speak someone else’s mind, or tell on me to your teacher, pastor, or banker. Like a Methodist Martin Luther (who was not a Methodist), “Here I stand. I can do no other” (or something to that effect).



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