“Invisible Acts of Power by Caroline Myss,” reported on by Jean Andress


Description of how this particular book or tape has affected you personally and helped in your development as a healing practitioner:

This was a great book. I thought, if this was out of the ethics choices that it would be a tough read. But, no, not only was it very readable but it connected ideas that I had not put together before. The book was broken down into two sections. The first section was on Stages of Power. Myss goes through the Chakras and correlates them with gifts that are appropriate for that Chakra. She then discusses going from Visible to Invisible Power. These do not entail good or bad, better or worse; one is on the material plain, Visible, and would include buying someone a car or paying for their utility bill, whereas the Invisible would be love, intuition, compassion, purpose, and spiritual support.

My purpose in life is to be of service to God and my fellow human. Understanding where someone needs help will be a great asset to be of maximum service. Empowering another human does not take anything away from me, was something she stressed that I embrace. Another, is that material power guarantees success and/or happiness. This is another thing for me to embrace, not only for myself but others. It goes along with are you going to give a hungry man a fish or teach him to fish. I want to embrace empowering others by teaching them.

In addition the universal truths she states on P. 58 I hold dear, need to remember and integrate into my being. The second part of the book is called The Journey to Empowerment. Myss details each of the Chakras and how we can be healers in each area. I found this to be very enlightening and will be helpful in my healing practice. At the end of each chapter on a chakra, Myss has a list of questions. These were very helpful in self-examination of each Chakra to see where I personally am to being whole. She also has a prayer for each Chakra. I totally believe in prayer and what a great resource to give clients who are struggling. In each chapter,

Myss has many examples and personal testament to healing in each Chakra. I appreciated the experiences people had when they chose not to help. I really try to listen to Spirit and help when guided even if I don’t understand, go figure, I don’t always need to understand. I am inspired to continue to grow through the wisdom of this book. As my journey continues in a never ending spiral toward the light, my daily growth and spiritual connectedness are key to becoming the being God would have me be in service. Service is key to being connected to the Divine as Love is a flow, both in receiving and giving. The last chapter lists facts of power. I embrace these and pray that help will be given to empower me to live them. After all, “…everything we do, say, think, and feel matters.” May my life be lived so.