Below is the check in procedures during the ActsFest Seminars July 16-17 for participants and attendees. This procedure is done for two purposes. First, to assure participants and attendees of health safety standards. Second, to determine the connected, supported and properly licensed, ordained, nonprofits, subordinated ministries and ministers of Acts Ministry.  In essence, this is a time of knowledge, safety, obedience and accountability for the body of Christ which believes in “Unity, in Christ, through The Holy Spirit.”

All participants (those presenting, supporting and performing other functions that day of service) are required to pre-register. See instructions at Please,  note the standard registration fee of $25.00 per day is waived. However, you still must register and make some donation amount. If this is a hardship please see Pam Wining, Treasurer for a cash refund. These records are for Acts Ministry and are also purposefully done for notification purposes should there be a COVID 19 infected person in attendance during the seminars.

All attendees (the 20 persons present during the seminars) are required to register before July 16, 2020.
An admission table will be provided before check in securing the needed medical information, temperature , the equipment currently specified by the CDC and mandated by Green County, Springfield, Missouri and The State of Missouri.

Please, be advised unless you are in complete compliance with SRG Guidelines you are required to attend or register for the online seminars. for July 16 -101, 102, 103, & 104; for July 17- 201, 202, 203 & 204. We strongly suggest you scroll down the following page for details.