“How to Grow in Powerful Faith” By Dennis Eversen

  1. Walking by Faith: Imagine you’re on a journey, but there’s no GPS! ? You’re walking by faith, not by sight1. It’s like being in a divine treasure hunt where the map is God’s word and the compass is your trust in Him1. You might not see the destination, but you’re confident that the Divine Guide won’t lead you astray1. It’s like Abraham embarking on a journey to an unknown land just because God said so1. Now that’s some serious faith walk!
  2. Proving Your Faith: Picture this – you’re in a spiritual courtroom, and your faith is on trial2. The evidence? Your actions2. Just like a tree is known by its fruit, your faith is known by your deeds2. It’s not about just saying you believe, but living out that belief3. It’s like showing your VIP pass to a concert – your actions prove that your faith is the real deal2.
  3. Improving Your Faith: Think of your faith as a spiritual muscle. How do you strengthen it? Workout! And the faith workout includes reading the Bible, praying, joining a small group, serving others, and focusing on developing personal intimacy with God4. It’s like going to a spiritual gym where the treadmill is prayer, the weights are acts of service, and the protein shake is God’s word4.

Remember, these are fun ways to understand these concepts. The actual spiritual journey involves deep reflection, prayer, and a personal relationship with God.