“How Devil Will Atack You” By Evangelist Dennis Eversen

According to Christian theology, the devil, also known as Satan, can attack in several ways:

  1. Exploiting Weaknesses: Satan knows our weak points and where we sin easily. He uses these weaknesses to tempt us1.
  2. Seasons of Attack: There are seasons when it seems as though the devil is attacking us in every conceivable way1.
  3. Diminishing Zeal: The devil’s strategy is to convince you that religion is only important up to a point and that you don’t need to be zealous1.
  4. Planting Thoughts: Satan can lead Christians to temptation and plant evil thoughts or temptations in the minds of Christians2.
  5. Blinding Minds: Satan can blind the minds of unbelievers so that they cannot see the light of the Gospel3.
  6. Spreading False Teachings: Demons can proclaim false teachings4.
  7. Attacking the Faithful: Demons can attack people who are faithful to God4.
  8. Testing from Outside: Demons test believers from outside and attack the parts of us where we are weakest to their assaults5.

Remember, the Bible encourages believers to seek strength in their faith and the power of God to resist these attacks. It’s important to note that these are interpretations based on Christian theology and may vary among different Christian denominations or individual beliefs.

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