“Healing = Wholeness,” by Jean Andress

Having a gift is a burden and a blessing. If we are gifted, should we not share that gift?
Is that not the purpose of a gift, the helping of our neighbor? After being told by completely independent sources that I was a healer and being given the call, I started looking at what healing is. In my search, what appeared over and over again that healing is a return to wholeness.

It is not necessarily a cure of an ailment. Well then, what is wholeness? We are multi-dimensional beings, being made up of mind, body, and spirit with a soul. We tend to want to separate our dimensions and only work on the body, but the body is a communication device. It tells us when something is out of whack and sometimes that’s our mind or spirit.

For example our negative thinking will have negative effects in our body. Instead of separating ourselves into parts we need to integrate our parts, thereby becoming a
whole person.Sometimes we do need to get small though, to see the bigger picture.

At the molecular and sub molecular level, science and religion are starting to meet.
Quantum physics tells us that matter and
energy are related. Science has shown that what was once whole, broken into parts and separated, still communicates with each other. The intention of the experimenter also directly effects the outcome of the experiment.

This is what has been directly revealed and taught to me: That God is Love, Love is Energy, Love is God. God is drawing us back to Love, to Source, to Himself as we are His Creation. As we become integrated beings, aligning our minds, bodies, and spirits into congruity and in line with God we become whole.From this place of wholeness then, God can work through us to heal the world. When we have taken the inner journey and asked God to mend the broken parts and integrate ourselves we then can become His instrument and become the vessel whereby Love can be transmuted through us to another being.

Jesus asked the lame man at the pool, “Do you want to be healed?” Do you want to take the inner journey? Do you want to trust another? I have answered yes to these questions and with help I am a walking miracle. I ask the Lord every day that I may be an instrument of His Healing Love. Where are you?


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