“Have You Thought about This?” by Dr. James R. Wining

The other day I had cataract surgery on my right eye. It was done with several people and at two locations. I laid there in the bed waiting for my surgery and listened to all the conversations between doctors, nurses, nurse assistants and anaesthesiologist. What a conundrum of activities which transpired into a successful surgery on my eye.

When I reflect on the qualifications of my eye surgeon, my anaesthesiologist, my preparation nurse, my post operations nurse and all the technicians and support nursing personnel I am in total AWE! It is just amazing how much human education, skill and dedication is necessary to just repair one part of my body.
Moreover, I assume there are thousands of these teams of educated, skilled and dedicated people who repair our hearts, kidneys, bones, and so on. The work is beyond contemplation to repair people daily, weekly, annually and continuously!

This is all being said about the incomprehensible works of just repairing our bodies. What about the incomprehensible work of creating such a body. If we truly realize the abilities and limitations of humans repairing humans then we can more easily understand the immense nature of our creation and the creator God who put together our complicated body of bones, blood, brains, muscles and organs. Just to name a few of our vital parts. Happen chance pales to the wonders of the bodies God created in his imagine.


Author: PastorLB