“Guns, God and The American Dream,” by Dr. James R. Wining


When all the violence, hateful words and conflicts are pushed aside, what are the real points of conflict and argument? Would you believe its all about guns, God and “The American Dream.” Why, because guns protect our civil liberties in many ways? Because God is the faith upon which we rely on to deal with family, friends and enemies? Finally, is “The American Dream,” the hope and aspiration of every person in poverty, seeking upward mobility, immigrate assimilation or simply a better life. So in essence the competition is on!

Guns “The Second Amendment,” is argued to exist before the Constitution its Amendments and/or The Bill of Rights. Guns are defined as the right which is the guardian of “all rights.” Whether its an issue crucial such as equal rights, abortion, pandemic recovery, police brutality. immigration, etc., 2nd Amendment Rights are viewed from one position as the first domino to fall in a line up of all domino’s defined as rights.

Guns have changed over the past 225 years. From single shot rifles to automatic machine guns in ranches, farms, homes, businesses  was likely not contemplated in 1776. That being said every eye should look carefully at the NY Governor and how people’s rights change with the strict gun laws of New York. Remember this is the Governor who publicly took pride in supporting “Partial Birth Abortions,”and thereby, deprived a living human being of his/her rights.

God defined by The Bible, The Quran, The Tanakh,etc. is a higher being which puts one’s conduct under scrutiny. The USA has long been a country oddly enough based upon completion, judgement, and compassion. How that fits and adjusts into “One Nation,” may well be a miracle in itself!  Just look at us we are so intensely competitive of  fellow workers, similar businesses, school performance and even down to “Top Level Video Gamer” or “Gardener of the Month.” Clearly this cuts across race, color or creed!

However, in the same breathe I note the harsh action or reaction to the “Judgement Factor.” Examples, might include remarks such as these. “These ideas don’t work anymore.” “No church is going to tell me how to live.” “They just don’t take responsibility.” “Why is everyone butting into my life.” “Everyone seems to be the boss of me.” Do the youth lack respect and the seniors lack understanding? It doesn’t seem to be racial or ethnic in fact, it appears across the board economically, politically and socially.

The gates were let open during the 2016 Republican Debates and they have remained open. Americans seem even more free to ridicule, make fun of people and generally pour out harsh behavior as a means of social judgement both verbally and physically. Sadly you just can’t put the tooth paste back in the tube when your elected leader has spread it all over the floor you walk on.

History has it that immigrants from day one came to America for freedom of religion, government and social injustice. It hasn’t changed. They still want “The American Dream.” They seek a shot at education, health, land, home, business, a safe place to raise a family and a future for old age. Many countries try it but collapse to socialism/communism or the dictatorship fascism none know how to make it happen the American Way.

Our strength is our pluralism in Faith, in backgrounds and in Politics. No single point of view ever wins, its usually is a compromise at the ballot box, the Senate or House Chambers or in the multitude of elected people and approved measures throughout the states, counties and cities. As a Christian I respect this phrase and truly appreciate its meaning for us
“God Bless America!!!’