“God & Media,” by Dr. James R. Wining

What does it take to reach people through social media in the 21st century with a Christian message? Are words our enemy? It seems the world attends very little to a church website,
a social activity invitation  or even a give-a-way event. Actually it appears the church is a group of people who have been isolated from community activities and have become comfortable with
their own education, correction and socialization behind their closed doors. This i think is exactly what ministry is purposely created.

Set apart from church organizations, Acts Ministry is never the less linked through a transdenominational and transdoctrinal understanding with all faiths who believe in “Unity in Christ through The Holy Spirit,” Acts Ministry stepped into the world through social media with a worldly presence called Acts Media Group and Acts Television Network. The mission is “Doing the Right Thing, where ever needed.” This set the stage for Christians to provide all kinds of media material with Christian leadership and Christian perspective.

Acts Ministry began with social issues such as autism, medical marijuana, veterans and homelessness. Its actions included increasing awareness and in many circumstances material and emotional help. This was all done as the mission while ever mine full of Acts Ministry’s vision and Christian intent. This is a change for Christian evangelism and many structured organizations in Christianly remain separate and unsupportive of these works and the “Last Prayer of Jesus.” 

Nearly five days a week Acts Media Group as a service Division of Acts Ministry broadcast programing over at least six major social platform networks. Acts Media Group’s broadcasting includes topics such as but not limited to education, health, food, travel, entertainment, music, and yes, religious faith based. All of this into the world with understanding and not judgement, compassion with appreciation of differences and openness with an acceptance of change.

Whether you choose to accept this new evangelism in these final years it is your choice. However, Acts Ministry’s approach is outside a church, inside the world and to everyone the last prayer of Jesus John 17:20-21 Our vision being with Him, “In Unity in Christ through The Holy Spirit.”