Friends Of Liberty By Kelly Shackelford

Dear Friends of Liberty,

I hope you’re having a great week and that you’re planning to have a great Memorial Day weekend.

I wanted you to know that you’re helping make it better for those who serve. They give us their best. They put their lives and health on the line for you and me. That’s why May has been “Military Religious Freedom Appreciation Month” at First Liberty. Currently, we are in intense legal conflict for the religious freedom of service members and veterans like these men:

U.S. Army Chaplain Scott Squires. He’s facing a potential career-ending reprimand simply because his faith and his denomination do not allow him to compromise his views on marriage. The future of the Chaplains Corp, first established by General George Washington, could be at stake.

Retired veterans Oscar Rodriguez and Chuck Roberson. Uniformed Airmen physically dragged Oscar out of Chuck’s private retirement ceremony at Travis Air Force Base—all because Oscar was invited to give an inspirational speech that included the word “God” (a word that, apparently, a commander didn’t think was legal). We recently sued the Air Force.

As Memorial Day approaches, and “Military Religious Freedom Appreciation Month” draws to a close, please remember our service men and women. And if you feel led to help at this time, you can use this secure link:

Thank you!


Kelly Shackelford, Esq.
President, CEO & Chief Counsel