“A Love of The Lord & A Heart for Acts Ministry,” by Dr. James R. Wining

Dear Friend & Follower,

2020 has been a year many of us have never experienced before or ever thought was possible. We have seen our freedoms restricted by disease, lost our loved ones unexpectedly and somehow been driven into questioning our very country we live in and love. All of this rests firmly on our faith in God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit.

Acts Ministry through all these challenges remains true to its vision, “Unity in Christ through The Holy Spirit,” and its mission, “Doing the Right Thing Wherever Needed.”  Acts Ministry is the non-commercial voice over social media that is broadcasting truthful programming with a Christian perspective and a welcoming invitation of evangelism. This is accomplished while supporting works such as The Kidney Fund, The Emergency Health Fund, The Helping Hands Fund, Veterans Awareness, Autism Outreach, food drives and safe children entertainment.

You are receiving this letter because you are a supporter. While we were able to continue the works mentioned above and reduce expenses by $1,116.22 we are still faced with an operational loss of $4,557.45. Please, know these three points: 1. We have doubled our space and actually reduced our rent costs by $25.00, 2. Our workers are nearly 100% volunteers with few exceptions, and 3. Our mission and vision for Christians and the public remain unwavering.

Can you help us with a Special Christmas Donation that can echo in 2021 with funding to effectively reach out into our troubled world and make a difference through awareness, evangelism, physical help and emotional assistance?  Please, know we abide with you in all that we do for Our Lord. Just click on the link below and make any Christmas donation you can. Remember you do not need a PayPal account just a love of for the Lord and a Heart for Acts Ministry to donate. A credit or debit card is fine. www.actsmediagroup.com

Thank You & Merry Christmas