First Acts Church And Acts Church United By Bruce Pearson

First Acts Church and Masculinity
     The members of First Acts Church, an affiliate of Acts Church
United and Acts Ministry, will gather Sunday afternoon, May 6, at 2:00,
in the beautiful chapel on the grounds of Maranatha Village. Maranatha
is located at 233 East Norton Road in Springfield. It is just east of
the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds and the former campus of Central Bible College.
     First Acts Church is trans denominational, independent, trans
doctrinal, and trans cultural. The community is always invited to the
services of worship.
     This Sunday’s service will feature “Masculinity,” a four months
old organization of young men who are committed to being devoted,
full-time advocates for Christ. They are growing exponentially! They
will be presenting information about their movement, current activities,
and personal experiences.
     Music, information, and worship! It will be happening at First
Acts Church! Welcome! If more information is needed, call 417-830-4343.