“Fear over Faith,” by Dr. James R. Wining

How many times have we been told, “It’s for the Common Good?” Incidentally, haven’t we all been persuaded to believe its more efficient and productive to globalize services, products and people? What would you think if that exact procedure was used in history with horrific results. Well, maybe now with the Coronavirus pandemic condition upon us listening might make sense. Moreover, what if there is comfort in knowing a Christian response.

The Coronavirus is pandemic because of public transportation. In fact, it would likely not even be endemic if public transportation ceased.  Worldwide public transportation by air and sea makes every spot on the earth vulnerable to diseases. Maybe there is a reason why there is a separation of peoples by language and a separation of peoples into separate land masses called continents. I wonder what book touches on this separation issue and its purpose. 

When we look through time  at endemic and pandemic diseases from the Dark Ages 476-1453 AD to Polio in 1952-1979 certain common factors applied. The greater the connection of people the greater the presence of the disease. The only thing which seemed to work short of a vaccination was migration and lack of connection. People in the Dark Ages fled the centralized areas for rural subsistence living. This was not uncommon to their previous life conditions but in this circumstance with much fewer people in connection.

Polio was heavily related to children in the USA. However, from that entry adults suffered a greater harm than children. Children suffered paralysis in one in 1000 cases while adults  one in 75 cases. The disease required drastic actions many of which we see again today. However, the overriding assumption seems to be the greater the connection the greater is the exposure to endemic and pandemic disease. 

Globalism whether its mass transportation between continents or worldwide international transportation both seem to magnify the issues involved with new disease outbreaks.This is one of the heavy prices of globalism. The only comfort we can have short of a constant flow of miracle vaccinations is the comfort of Jesus. He offered Himself, provided the Healing of Communion and the peace of knowing we will have eternal life. As simple as this may appear millions today choose “Fear over Faith,”and live each day in despair and not in the joy of Jesus’ love.