“Embraced by the Spirit,” by Dr. Paul C. Collins

I wrote a book. Yes, I did. And I wrote it without a ghost writer!  And that fact will become quite evident if and when you get around to reading it. I am a long way from being a professional

Embraced By The Spirit was published by Life Bridge Books in the autumn of 2005. It was not a best seller. In fact, it was an almost no-seller. I think I may have sold about two copies: one was because some man pre-ordered it prior to the printing, and the other was because a cousin of mine sent some unsolicited money after receiving a gratis copy in her mail in Iowa.  So, you may be asking, “Paul, what is your point? So, you wrote a book, so what?”

My answer is (I guess) I wrote it to serve Christ and not for personal profit; even though I must admit I had originally hoped it would make some money for ministry. Here is the better news (maybe even the best news).

I have given away several hundred copies and people have been experiencing God, in Christ, through The Holy Spirit because of reading my words (words which The Holy Spirit provided). There have even been some additions to the Christian population of the earth and a few who have been added to the
head count in the halls of Heaven.

The book is soft cover, dark blue, and embossed with gold colored type. It really looks great on the coffee table! If you want a copy, free and post paid, order via my email. It is 155 pages touching on my call into ministry, the nature and work of The Holy Spirit, the message of the Acts of The Apostles, and
several other subject matters too numerous to mention in this article.

You can make inquiry for more information by sending an email to drpaulcollins@sbcglobal.net.

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I just listed: Embraced By The Spirit [paperback] Collins, Father Paul [O20,


P.S. After my supply is gone, I will be ordering more. Also, I hope you will make it a habit to check my website www.drpaulcollins.com for articles like this one you’ve just (hopefully) read.