Dr. James R. Wining with ActsFest 2019 challenge, “The Last Battle.”

The Christian Faith has been suffering an onslaught of physical attacks over the past 20 years which recently has culminated in the burning of historic symbolic Christian buildings, churches and mass Christian killings.  This coupled with intense spirtual attack on Christian morals and values has resulted in the ultimate degradation of the Christian and American sociological lifestyle.

USA Public schools which were founded on the Mcguffey’s Reader and the Bible are replaced in most public school systems by 14-20 suggested lifestyle choices which lack most if not all the moral values of Christianity. It is not surprising drug use and addiction, parentless families, and violence have risen within a society with a lack teaching Christian love, respect, responsibility, obedience and faithfulness.  

American society has degraded so much as to accuse inanimate objects as the cause for these horrific problems. The guns did it or the drugs did it or the neighborhood did it and so on. Where is the accountability of Christianity? It is gone, gone, gone!

The Christian Faith has never needed the vision and works of Acts Ministry, Inc. more!!! “Unity in Christ through The Holy Spirit,” vision of Acts Ministry, Inc. is all about bringing Christians together for the common cause of God’s gifts of Jesus and The Holy Spirit. Acts Ministry, Inc. is set and growing  a diversity of social cause subordinated ministries into the world. Acts Ministry, Inc. is also broadcasting daily M-F on social media platforms to millions of people who have never heard of Christianity, never seen Christians, and grew up without any Christian friends.

We need your tithe, your gift, your alms or your donation to continue reaching out with Acts Television Network, Acts Radio, The Real News-Review and Acts Media Group. We need your money to help touch these lives right where they are. We reach them in their home, their work, their play and elsewhere everywhere. Your help in this “Last Battle,” will not build a church or building but will reach, teach and explain what is near and dear to our heart & soul Christianity. Donate here: https://actsmediagroup.com/please-donate/
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God Bless,

Dr. James R. Wining,Bishop/President