Thank you for sharing the inspiring mission of Acts Ministry, Inc. and Acts Media Group! Your commitment to serving others and spreading the truth of God’s Word is commendable. Let’s highlight some key points from your message:

  1. Nonprofit Commitment:
    • Acts Ministry, Inc., and Acts Media Group operate as nonprofit organizations.
    • Their programming and works are carried out exclusively by dedicated volunteers, including hosts and production crews.
  2. Remarkable Progress and Ongoing Needs:
    • Donors like you have contributed to remarkable progress this year.
    • However, there’s still a long way to go.
    • The organization aims to:
      • Upgrade broadcast equipment to reach more individuals and businesses.
      • Fund the Kidney Fund, Helping Hands Fund, and other initiatives supporting a wide variety of individuals.
      • Provide funds to the Veterans Church, supporting veterans.
  3. Your Voice and Generosity:
    • Acts Ministry and Acts Media Group rely on your voice and generosity.
    • By clicking to donate today, you can help them continue their vital work.
    • If you’re interested in sponsoring specific programs, indicate your preference on the donation page or contact Dr. Jim Wining, President and Chairman.
  4. Gratitude and Impact:
    • The organizations express deep gratitude for your continued partnership, advocacy, and commitment.
    • Every donation, regardless of the amount, contributes to expanding their message globally.
    • Funds are used to help those in need, provide educational opportunities, and raise awareness about social issues and autism.

Thank you for being part of this meaningful journey. Your support makes a difference!


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