“Does History Repeat,” by Dr. James R. Wining

Its 2021 and why would anyone look back nearly 50 years and think history could repeat. However, let us look back and see if history can repeat it self . Maybe the future is being planned in just the same manner as 1973-1974. 

The President in 1973 was Richard Nixon. He was under extreme pressure due to a criminal investigation referred to as “Watergate.” In fact, President Nixon’s ability to perform his duties were in question and his own presidency was plagued with unpopularity and threaten impeachment . Enter his Vice-President Spiro Agnew who provided a political diversion from those pressuring, investigating and exposing his own situation.

Vice-President Agnew faced several IRS charges and eventually pleaded guilty to one felony count and resigned from the office of vice-president in1973.  With swift and legal authority President Nixon immediately appointed Gerald Ford the Speaker of the House. Both were Republicans. The basis for replacement is really not as significant as getting rid of an unpopular Vice-President , diverting attention from himself and inviting the public into a  refreshing change.

President Nixon resigned in August 1973 and was subsequently pardoned by President Gerald Ford.

Jump forward to 2021, with President Joseph Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris. Both are unpopular for problems domestically and internationally. Both are conflicted with issues of public understanding and trust. Further, complicated is the apparent conflict between the office of the President and Vice-President.

Vice-President Harris has suffered from misguided remarks, awkward statements, poor job performance and international ridiculer. Replacing her with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi would unite the Democrat Party be providing experience in the Vice-President Office. Moreover, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is from the same state as Kamala Harris, California. 

Additionally, we should recall that President Joseph Biden is 78 and is experiencing obvious age issues, poor judgement and public disconnection. This all being said Speaker Pelosi is 81 and likely would be an easy but a short term replacement. For the Democratic Party the long game depends on which end of the party survives 2022.

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