The recent developments in Europe appear again to challenge freedom, peace and moral justice. Six months ago I was directed by The Holy Spirit to put on a play version of “The Trial of Christ,” written by the late Dee Wampler. I thought it was only for “Opening the Eyes,”  of the passive believers and for inspiring all the believers to join together. I was looking through man’s eyes and man’s
justice not God’s eyes!
What we see now is the horrific answers of man with incomprehensible injustice to the innocent. How many times must President Zelensky have assassination attempts and how many times must we be awaken to the cry of “End of the World has arrived.” I believe we are “In the Last Hours, of the last days of the last Season.” The “Rule of Man,” is nearing at its end. The Nuclear Choice arises
as either annihilation  of man or failed deterrent with human depravity. Either solution is proof in point The Rule of Man has ended and for believers The Rule God begins.
“The Trial of Christ,” play is “A Shot across the bow.” It offers the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ, the understanding of injustice to the innocent and the opportunity to join in unity and welcome into our very daily lives our Creator. This is the beginning of The Gathering and The Rule of God.