Dennis Coad Memorial Service

Dennis Coad will be remembered at a memorial service Sat. afternoon, January 4, at Live Church in Republic, MO.  Visitation will begin at 1:00 and continue until 3:00. The memorial service will begin at 3:00 with Dr. Paul Collins presiding. There will be several speakers paying tribute to the life of Christian service that was lived out by Dennis.

Dennis who was the co-founder of Crosswalk Journey Ministries. His wife, Becky was the co-founder. She survives and with her son AJ will continue the ministry which is also known as Crosswalk of Hope.Dennis entered Heaven in the late afternoon of Saturday,December 21, 2019 at 66 years of age.  There have been acknowledgements in the thousands posted.

We say thank you to Becky Coad for the great service you and Dennis have been doing. We look forward to all you will continue to do in honor of Dennis and his Lord, Jesus Christ.

Dennis was a true Shepherd to many Lost Sheep by going to the highways and byways and compelling them to come in. He would fiercely protect the wounded and the sick from the predators that try to prey on the weak. He stood up against predators like addiction, negative thoughts, sickness and religion by  bringing the gospel truth to all that he met. Dennis was like David of old that used a rock to fend off the lion, the bear and Goliath. David did it with a sling and a rock. Dennis fended off predators and lies with the sling of his tongue and the rock of God’s word. Dennis used God’s word to target the heart is others needs and helped change their thoughts to focus on Jesus. He continually studied God’s word to show himself approved and he taught others to do the same. The world would be a better place, more lost sheep would be found and the kingdom would grow brighter if we had more like him.

Let us pray for more workers like him and that others will steep up and fill in the void left by his going to to his Lord.

Signed Bishop Dennis Eversen


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