Demonic Activity? an examination by Dr. Paul C. Collins

The current activities on the part of those who oppose members of the administration of President Donald Trump are so unreasonable that it seems demons are looming large in the political spectrum of America.  What else could cause people to confront peaceful citizens in restaurants, in the halls of the capitol of the United States, and even outside their homes?

There is no justification for these kinds of confrontations.  There is no excuse for hate.  There is no excuse for a foreign billionaire (George Soros) to be paying the gullible to demonstrate against elected officials and their employees.  In order for an elderly foreigner to make extreme and violent efforts to overthrow our democratic republic and replace it with globalism, one world government, and socialism THERE MUST BE DARK AND SINISTER FORCES AT WORK!

George Soros is not the wealthiest man in the world.  So, what if more billionaires are involved as a part of the root cause of political unrest?  What if this is more than a trend or a fad?  What if there really is a nefarious plot by Satan to take down the strongest nation on earth — the nation that holds the keys to peace because of her efforts to send the world the true word of God, as demonstrated in the life and gospel of Jesus, in the power of the Holy Spirit?

Money and power are not inherently evil.  They become evil when appropriated by Satan to finance his efforts to establish a kingdom with the power to overcome God’s kingdom.  Satan has stolen the money from God’s people!  How did the devil come into this ill-gotten gain?  He IS a thief!  But, too many Christians have willingly given into the hands of Satan their financial resources.  They have done this by purchasing the wrong products from the wrong companies, spending money on bad entertainment, lavish living rather than giving to God, and developing an appetite for foods that kill.  In short, Christians have not been good keepers and managers of money that God has provided.

Are there answers to this down hill path we find ourselves walking in America and the world?  Of course!  The solution is so close it is overlooked due to the “gospel of political correctness.”  The answer is to call sin sin, evil evil, good good, and stand for Jesus, his way, his truth, and his life.  By putting Jesus the Christ first in all matters, we win!  America wins.  The world wins.

America will again be the moral compass for a lost and dying world.  The world will be awake to see the return of Jesus as Lord of Lords and King of Kings.  All creation will be under his rule as he reigns from his throne in Jerusalem.

Take that, George Soros!