“Cop In Your Pocket,” by Dr. Steve Albrecht

There are 2.7 million Android apps and 1.82 iPhone apps for your
smartphone, covering every possible subject, entertainment choice, and information source. You might think you have all the icons you need, but how about adding just one more? “Cop In Your Pocket” is an app I’m developing with my former San Diego Police colleague, Robert Smith. Robert is the founder and CEO of NightClubSecurity.com, a San Diego- based training firm that teaches night club and bar bouncers, bartenders,and wait staff about service, safety, and security in establishments that serve alcohol.

“Cop In Your Pocket” will provide hundreds of answers about the most
common – and even uncommon situations – involving you and the police
officers or sheriff’s deputies in your community. Here’s a short list of some common scenarios where you might want to know the answers:

What do I tell the dispatchers about a loud party in my neighborhood?
Who do I call about an abandoned car?
Do I need to call the police if my kid is being bullied at school?
Help! My teenager is getting strange requests to meet men online.
How do I get a restraining order?
My car just got stolen and I don’t know my license plate number!

What is a police “hot stop”?
The neighbors above me are fighting. What do I do?
There’s a loose, mean dog on my street.
I think my grandmother is being abused in her nursing home. Who do I
call? There is a homeless guy sleeping on my front porch.
How do I make a citizen’s complaint against an officer?
I just got a police scanner. What are some common police codes?
Can I talk my way out of a speeding ticket?
What happens when someone is arrested from drunk driving?

The list of possible questions, scenarios, and situations is actually
lengthy when stop to think about it. This app will answer your questions about how to get the best use of your police and to just help you feel like you’re “in the know” when it comes to how the police function.