“Connection is a Way to Have Power,” by Dr. Paul Collins

Electric switches not connected have no power. Animals without connection perish and become extinct. People cannot exist alone.  Even a hermit has to have a sense of connection to something.  With the advent of the telegraph, radio, the telephone, television, cell phones, and the Internet, human connection is now possible to a degree unknown in Bible times. Letter writing, delivery, and reception was slow (if it occurred at all!). In spite of circumstances, Paul and the other apostles found a way to connect and build Christian communities.  They demonstrated that commitment to a cause (connected to a person … Christ) and exercised by truth and love would be a powerful connection. Their connection was sufficient to expand the body of Christ in their first century world.

The twenty-first century church has access to technology that did not exist for the earliest Christians. We are in a very connected world!  Using the technology is another God-given opportunity to build the church established by Jesus.

I submit to you that we are a privileged generation of disciples with tremendous opportunities to do an apostolic work; we can take the gospel from top to bottom and all around the globe.  We can practice the science of connection by honoring the art of communication. These days we need to write correctly, answer the phone, return calls, check emails regularly, and treat texts with respect.

I hope you will join me in “A Quest for Christian Power” by utilizing all the advantages of today’s technology. Your communiqués are as important as those sent by yours truly or anyone else. Make your voice count in building the Kingdom of God, in Christ, through the Holy Spirit.

There is great, humongous power in being connected! Since the scripture teaches that a three-fold cord is not easily broken, it must follow that many people in agreement (in love) will be very, very strong. If “one can put a thousand to flight” and if ”two can put ten thousand to flight” how many can a dozen dispatch to irrelevance?

Stay blessed,
P.S. If you think I am doing a pretty good job of writing, you need to know that I wrote this at a 9.1 grade level. That, my friends, demonstrates the power of communicative connection. As they say, “If I can do it, you can do it!

P.S.S. After following the computer promptings regarding the grade level, and making it’s “corrections”, the grade level is now 8.5.