C’mon Now, Let’s Get Real By Paul Collins









If you have regularly watched television news, you may feel like you are being bombarded by the same stories over and over again.  The news is dominated by the Donald Trump critics, his defenders, Hawaii volcanoes, and school shootings.  Where is the good news?  C’mon, let’s get real.  There must be something else going on in the world: for instance, the Pope has indicated he may retire!  Isn’t that news?  Ireland voted to rescind their laws against abortion.  Isn’t that news?

     The possibility of the Pope retiring and the Irish vote to restore abortion are both stories worthy of further investigation.

     Today’s media is awash in narcissism.  The reporters resemble prima donas.  The “anchors” seem to be “wannabe” actors.  It seems that glamour has replaced grit.

     As a freshman in high school, I enjoyed one semester of speech class.  We were taught about the great newsmen of the day.  I was a freshman in 1949.  Do any of you readers remember H.V. Kaltenborne reporting over radio from “all the ships at sea?”