“Christian Resources,” by Dr. Paul C. Collins

We have a wide variety of resources. As Christians, we belong to God, in Christ, through the Holy Spirit, so our resources are not ours to own. They are ours to use.  We are to be stewards of all the resources committed into our care. To be a steward is to be a manager. We are positioned to be participants in management but not to be partners in ownership.

It is always a good thing to evaluate our management of every asset within our sphere of direct influence. What do we do with vehicles? Houses? Furniture? Land? Jewelry? Clothes? Food? Water? Antiques? Collectibles? Investments? Money? Time? Energy? Talents? Training? Friendships? Family?

As regards money, here are a few of my thoughts in a list you may want to keep handy for reference.

  • Collect coins should be saved, be aware that currency is fiat money (paper issued in place of real value), and precious metals (like silver and gold) have real value as long as there is something to purchase.
  • Christians’ income (at certain levels) are taxable by state and federal government.
  • God has (in my opinion) made it clear in the Bible that his people are to give a tithe (10% of gross income), followed by offerings, followed by gifts to the poor. That, according to my understanding of scripture, is the proper order for the use of money before taxes or any other competitor can touch what belongs to God.