“Christian Catacombs in Our Downstairs,” with Dr. Pauls Collins, First Acts Church

December 6, 2020 … we return to being a fellowship of Christians gathering for a mutual benefit that honors Christ.

Nancy and I welcome you to our home the afternoon of December 6 to meet at 2:00 to 4:00. Yes, we are back in the groove of meeting on the first and third Sunday afternoons.

Some of you receiving this email will not be able to attend due to a variety of reasons, as is always the case. If you can be with us, you can join us in remembering our friend Bruce Pearson.

In addition to remembering Bruce, I will lead a discussion on THEOLOGICAL CONCEPTS e.g. Bibliology; Christology; Ecclesiology; Soteriology; and, Eschatology. This means we will talk about, the Bible, Christ, Church “Types”, Salvation, and prophecy.

Everyone … no matter where you stand on doctrine … will be welcome to share your beliefs and reasons for what you believe. This is always an open, friendly, and CHRISTIAN gathering. I am privileged to provide a little insight from the perspective of nearly 66 years in ministry.

Our downstairs is easily accessed. There is a walk thru gate next to the driveway. The walkway leads to patio doors that open into our meeting area. The entire entrance is on the level. No stairs.

If you have to arrive a little late … or leave a little early … it is never a problem.

If you can attend, it will be nice … but NOT necessary … for me to know you are coming.

Nancy sanitizes everything in and out of sight before you arrive. Masks will be available for those who want them. Note paper and pens are provided for those who want to take notes.

Stay blessed,