Blessed Beyond Measure By Evangelist Sam Biggers

I am blessed by God and am thankful for such a wonderful day. God has richly rewarded me today beyond natural reasoning and my heart is overwhelmed by His kindness and generosity. I give all credit to Him.

How thankful I am of the free gift of salvation He has given to me; yet, I was blessed naturally today with material blessings that I did not ask for. He simply opened the doors of heaven and poured out a blessing that I still marvel at because it was not expected.

We simply cannot out give God. He loves us so much and desires to bless us more than we are willing to receive.. When we fail to recognize this truth we tie His hands of blessing. He desires for our hearts to be enlarged and filled with liberality to give to others. He simply smiles and pushes the window of heaven open to shower His love upon us.

Give, and it will be given to you. They will pour into your lap a good measure – pressed down, shaken together, and running over. For by your standard of measure it will be measured to you in return.” Luke 6:38

Those of us who serve Christ can only imagine the bigheartedness of God. Our vision is generally transfixed upon the natural events around us and we are forgetful where all of it comes from. Our Lord owns all the earth and all that is within it. What a remarkable truth!

We short change our self of multiplied blessings when we shut our hearts to the needs of others – especially their spiritual needs. I believe God desires for His people to be generous in giving to the poor and meeting their natural needs. I believe He is just as interested, and more so, in our willingness to share the truth of the Good News with others.

The Holy Spirit will enable us to see and hear the needs of humanity that surround us if we will take time to look and listen and prayerfully ask for His desire and direction in the many situations that cross our path.

I believe the Holy Spirit is waiting to wrap us in blessings both naturally and spiritually if we will wait patiently upon the Lord. I experienced this and therefore I write from a heart that is blessed beyond measure.

This has been an exciting day and will be one in the history of my journey in life; certainly one of the many days God has looked down upon me and blessed me. What a joy it is to share this wonderful knowledge that what I have received is from the hand of God Himself.

As the evening shadows have fallen upon another day in life I am deeply touched and richly blessed. I pray you will be also.

Sam Biggers