“Becoming an FBI Agent,” guest Christopher Holland, FBI Special Agent & Host Dr. Steve Albrecht


When: Tuesday, December 15, 2020, from 1000 to 1100 CST
Where: Acts Television Network Facebook & YouTube Channel Acts Media Group

Guest: Christopher Holland, Special Agent, FBI, (ret.)

Chris Holland is a retired FBI agent and former Missouri police officer. He
has had an interesting career, working both here and in the Middle East. He
is the founder of Holland Felony Analysis, an expert witness consulting firm
that serves attorneys in criminal and civil cases.

He served as the senior advisor to the Afghan Major Crimes Task Force and
for three years worked daily with the Liberia National Police Commissioner
for Criminal Investigations. The U. N. Police Commissioner for Liberia
appointed him special liaison to a board of inquiry initiated by the President
of Liberia to investigate police malfeasance.

As a civilian, he has consulted on cases of police bias or failure of diligence
in both criminal and civil
arenas. He is a former adjunct faculty for
George Washington University
and at present serves as adjunct faculty
for Southwest Baptist University.

In 2014 he established his private consulting business, providing training in
the conduct of interviews and interrogations and case analysis to identify
bias, failure of due diligence, or malfeasance, resulting in wrongful
convictions and cold cases.