“Basketball, a Community Unifier!” by Dr. James R. Wining


Today conflict, disunity and near chaos seem to rule our country, state and community. Race, nationality and wealth appear to be root causes for a society that is struggling with the bare basics of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Surprising enough we find an opportunity to see a beginning way to bring together a community, its divergent culture and a society desperately pursuing happiness!

Former basketball great David J. Magley (Upper left picture) formered “The Basketball League,” about two years ago. He has ten pro basketball teams crisscrossing the country from New York to Washington. Each team energetically provides an evening of exciting sports entertainment at a very low cost for all fans young, old, disabled and financially stretched. The teams work together as “One Body,” and clearly demonstrate to the public that race, ethnicity and culture can be overcome with the unity of team work! 

One of the teams in Mr. Magley’s basketball league is The Kansas City Tornadoes (KCT) owned by Justin Pattison (Upper right picture) the owner of local business Gameone Concepts. KCT plays there games in the heart of the Kansas City Community at Hy-Vee Arena. When attending their games it is obvious the crowd reaches all levels, groups and interests in the KC Community. Kids and seniors, rich and poor, disabled and language challenged come and enthusiastically enjoy the fast paced action of a professional basketball game.

Owing to Mr. Pattison’s deep sense of community and his desire to rejuvenate and improve community interaction; he is planning special opportunities for this sports entertainment for people with special circumstances including disabled veterans, special needs children, low income elderly and financially impaired families. The goal of The KCT is to be out into the community setting good examples and doing good deeds that can spread throughout the community. How good is that? Check their schedule below and join in a re-birth in the KC Community!   http://www.kctornadoes.com