“Are you a Knower, a Believer or Non-Believer,” by Dr.James R. Wining


Over these past few months when we have been confined essentially to our ranch I had occasion to watch a little streaming. Two shows refreshed my memory. They were an English program called “DCI Banks,” and the other was an American program “Alias.” Their technology and content in my estimation was very “Cutting edge.” However, their content did reveal a growing sentiment of  no accountability, the urgency of now and the disbelief in any hereafter.

First, let me make this clear I totally understand those who believe, those who do not believe and those who have experienced a knowledge of God. Believing requires either a deep study into information available and creditable about God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, Heaven and the Universe or a simple blind innocence in believing. Nothing seems to fit in between. That being said there are those stuck in between and those concluding to the negative of any God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, or Universe. The Universe has been tactilely defined for these people without the need of faith or experience.   

Second, there are those like myself who have studied God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit and the Universe and believe. However, there are some like myself who also were very Blessed to have an incarnate experience with The Holy Spirit. Since my college years I have experienced my spirit and soul leaving my body and actually looking down on myself and others. During that time I was comforted with the most surrounding feelings of love and beauty indescribable in my words. It was a peace that is undefinable yet purposeful in leading me to know my body was not the total answer to me.

Receiving this picture of life was much larger than my finite world of the simple understandings of God the Father, God the Son and God The Holy Spirit. Today I am not a “believer,” today I am a “knower.” I know the greatness, impowerness and everlastingness of The Holy Spirit and I walk in it today. I have a greater love and respect for those who are believers and have a prayerful demeanor of hope for those stuck in the middle or placated with only material awareness. 

This is Acts Ministry, “Unity, in Christ, through The Holy Spirit.”