Apology: Dr Paul Collins Acts Church

Please let others in your circle know how sorry I am that I felt it necessary to cancel yesterday’s Easter service. At about the time Nancy and I were ready to leave home, the sky opened and we had a hard rain plus ice. I was fearful the uncertain weather would catch all of you at
Maranatha Village and make it treacherous to get home.
I may have been wrong to cancel, but I try to be very protective of the members of First Acts Church.
I believe I will see all of you … and many others … the third Sunday in April (the 15th) at 2:00 in the afternoon in the beautiful chapel at Maranatha. Meanwhile, Nancy and I continue to pray for each of you (and many others) to be healed of every malady, physical, emotional, relational, or financial.
Until then,
Stay blessed,
P.S. A wonderful group of young men has connected with us. We look forward to them participating with us from time to time in our gatherings. Be prepared to be blessed!