“Along the Border,” by Dr. James R. Wining

These are pictures of Nuevo Progresso, Mexico a town along the Texas Mexican border. I had remarked earlier that I noticed no border problems and saw little need for an escalated wall expense. This was primarily based on our visit in February 2019 to Nuevo Progresso.  However, my recent observations along the border were made a little premature.

A dear friend of my wife was driving her truck in Nuevo Progresso, Mexico when she was hit in a very minor accident. The accident included her car being blocked in, a gun shoved into her face, an illegal seizure of her truck and a cash demand of $1,000 to get her truck back. The Mexican Marines in charge of this area refused to intercede but they openly admitted this was a cartel type “scam.”

Furthermore, she was advised the “Trump Border Wall Crackdown,” had significantly affected the cartel’s normally lucrative drug and human trafficking business into the USA. This has forced the cartel’s to return to their normal scam activities in Mexico such as bogus car accidents, kidnapping, pick pocketing, fraud, extortion, and other nefarious acts. Given this first hand and collaborated information I withdraw my remarks concerning the safety for Americans in Mexico and support the efforts of greater border security.