“ActsFest Seminar Summary,” a virtual look by Pastor Jackie Scott

Preaching & Teaching  Seminar 101
This seminar really got down to the nuts and bolts of using social media to preach and teach the gospel.  It offered practical tips that an absolute novice could learn from.  It also was a good reminder of some of the basics for seasoned social media users.  In researching the story, I did on how churches were adapting to the pandemic, across the board ministers who began using virtual services, commented on how difficult the lack of feedback is when you don’t have a congregation in front of you.  I think many will be encouraged to try using social media, after this seminar.

Keeping the Meetings Safe Seminar 102
An excellent seminar on practical things that can be done to improve safety for congregations and other group meetings.  The host was informative and very well spoken.  It was clear that he had the experience and expertise to handle the subject.   His suggestions were practical and thought provoking.  Would have been nice, if we would have had a set-up where he could have used some of his demonstrations that he talked about.
Christian Morals & Ethics Seminar 103
One would think that if one is a Christian that morals and ethics should be a no brainer, however that is not so.  As Christians are put into specific situations often with believers and non believers who do not seem to play by the rules, they are faced with real questions.  How do you compete and still maintain your testimony?  This seminar brought us to the source for all morals and ethics, the Bible.  It emphasised the importance of following Biblical principals in all our activities.
Writing As A Christian Tool Seminar 104
Dr. Paul Collins did an excellent job of conveying his love for the written word and practical tips.   Some have a book or books in them, others do not, but all have something to say.  I liked that the seminar did not focus only on writing books.   The seminar offered something for all writers and potential writers.  Whether it’s the great American novel or a simple essay, the seminar encouraged writers to do it with excellence.
Protecting Your Ministry Seminar 201
Let’s face it, nonprofits and ministries are doing what they do because they have a passion for it.   Many if not most are far less passionate about, filings, website protection,etc.   These are the “little foxes, that spoil the vine, one misstep could cost your ministry thousands of dollars that could have made such an impact in your ministry.   Especially in our “New Normal,”  things are changing rapidly, and ministries need to be ready to keep up with the changes and make wise moves to ensure the continuation of and growth of your ministry.   This seminar lets you know how much you don’t know.  Thankfully. we have the Acts Ministry that helps us keep on top of changes and new regulations.
Financial Alternatives Seminar 202
Enjoyed the co-hosts material was presented in an easy conversational fashion, that made it easy to absorb.  The history of return on gold was a real eye opener.   I had always heard that gold and silver were good investments, once you look at the track record it’s clear it’s an excellent investment.  The Bitcoin market is also something that I feel we all need to learn more about.
21st Century Leadership Seminar 203
Don’t think you could have found a better person to lead this seminar.   Representative Lynn Morris is qualified to speak to leadership in the public service area and truly knows what it takes to make progress with state government.   Mr. Morris also has built a chain of Pharmacy’s  which started with one store.   Look forward to getting the book he suggested.   His Christian principles were evident throughout the entire seminar.
Christian Business, Non-profits Seminar 204
Do you know, what you don’t know?   Paperwork and endless government forms may be way down on the priority list for many non-profits.  Taking a few minutes on a regular basis to log things such as business miles, is a small price to pay to stay out of an audit.  For those who are on top of all the forms, etc.  this seminar can be double check and a great way to stay updated on changes.  If you haven’t logged anything in a couple years or more, this is your lifeline to getting back on track, before the IRS questions something.