Actsfest…a Silver Anniversary by Dr. Paul C. Collins, Th.D

It is an honor to sound off through the medium of the Internet about the greatness of Acts Ministry, Inc.  The nonprofit will be celebrating its 25th anniversary July 20-22. It is their Silver Anniversary.

The occasion will be marked with great, informative, helpful seminars.  Other very special events will include The Holy Spirit Victory Celebration and Healing Service, the awards banquet, and the Service of Ordination. You can go to for the detailed schedule.

As the Founder of Acts Ministry, I highly recommend Dr. James R. Wining, the president since August of 2014, to be recognized by all of us as a leader for the 21st Century church.  He is an experienced businessman and clergyman with a vision for the future … and the future is now!

Now … about the greatness of Acts Ministry: it is trans denominational, trans doctrinal, and trans cultural.  Their vision is simply “Unity, In Christ, Through The Holy Spirit.” Their motto is “Serving Where Needed.”  Their mission statement is “Doing The Right Thing.”

I have been using the designation “their” but you can change that to “our’ by becoming a supporter of a ministry that is truly a ministry engaged in a successful enterprise reaching the secular marketplace and, indeed, the entire world.

I hope to see you at Actsfest and be able to extend to you my hand in friendship and fellowship.

Stay blessed,