ActsFest 2022 “The Gathering,” Dr. James R. Wining

We are past the time of “Nuclear Deterrent from War.” The Ukrainian War proves that man’s inhumanity to man is not held in ambience to horrific injustice. Simultaneously, we are aware that “All Corners of the Earth,” have been reached and Satan has been released. (Revelation 20.) In just 24 months we have watched the paradigm switch and all forms of evil released and unseen but manifest not only in Ukraine but throughout the world and the USA.

History and today’s modern view of the concept of “Church,” has been a means of separation and religious indoctrination. Regretfully, it has had an immeasurable impact on the “Passive Believer.”  Moreover, and most probably this conceptual perception has reduced the effectiveness of reaching non-believers in the last days and those who are ignorant of Christianity. This situation also could give rise to believers who have grown belligerent to faith irrespective of their beliefs.

Now understanding the present human condition and the importance of John 17, Acts Ministry is charged at this time of urgency to bring “Unity, in Christ, through The Holy Spirit.” Since, “Evil” is coming at us unseen but in motivation to split our country, divide our world and destroy our families, Acts Ministry must be the trumpet of “Calling,” and “Gathering.” This is ActsFest 2022.

Most of you know our trumpet of “Calling,” Acts Media Group. However, ActsFest has been our “Gathering” for nearly all the 29 years of Acts Ministry’s Life. History repeats itself because of poor listening and poor educational skills. Let us not forget the “Evangelism of Jesus” was around 3 years and his death was around 30 years old!

This ActsFest 2022 on July 14-17 is about the “Armor of God,” through the passage of “The Holy Spirit.” We will embody for Christians what it means at this time “…through The Holy Spirit.” This is the time for Christians who seek “Unity,” believe in “Jesus Christ,” and realize the urgency of a higher understanding of worship, prayer and service through “The Holy Spirit.” This is a private “Gathering,” of Christians who will fellowship, enjoy Gospel Music and be refreshed with good food for the body and rejuvenation for the spirit!!!