“ActsFest 2018 a Step into the future,” By James R. Wining

In the 1980’s as President of a medium sized financial group I put into motion the idea of a workplace nursery and relaxation room in our home office place of work. The goal was to allow pregnant women to work as long as they wanted and to allow new mothers to come back to work if they wanted with their new babies close at hand. This wasn’t a big band liberal scouting match to change every law and circumstance of inequality. Nor was it an attack that conservatives would call a breakdown in civil business conduct. This was a simple solution that progressed human interaction.

I am not a liberal, conservative, Democrat or Republican. I am a Christian and progressive who historically has fit with the Democratic Party but today is lost in a world so chaotic that only evil, prejudice and judgmental spirits seem to win.

Acts Ministry is a progressive movement. It supports all faiths coming together in unity, in Christ through The Holy Spirit. How progressive is it, that worship could include Methodists, Lutherans, Pentecostals, Catholics, Baptists, and so on. Acts Ministry knows the beginning and is raising up Christians to understand the future. It is crucial for Christianity to be relevant in the 21st century. Join us at ActsFest 2018 our 25th Anniversary Celebration July 20-22, 2018. Buy a table for the banquet for $150.00 bring four guests and learn about awards for works of unity, service, media, humbleness, charitable works and in time pastoring.

CALL NOW: 816-457-0955 OR 816-806-9394

EMAIL: 4321acts@gmail.com

 God Bless, Dr. James R. Wining, Bishop/President