“Acts Television Network the Ministry of Openness,” Dr. James R. Wining

Over years in organizations like United Fund, Feeding America and Boys & Girls Clubs I have found very good moral and ethical people who were not Christians. Many in fact, had adverse experiences with Christian methods in community causes, social gatherings and churches. After significant time and patience with these people, usually I discovered they were “Greatly offended by Christians calling them sinners.” Most of these good people believe sinners are alcoholics, drug addicts, fornicators, liars, thieves, burglars or in general reprobates.  They are not desperate for a new life as the aforementioned people could be but rather are pushing back on Christians for a better understanding as to what is a Christian.

Acts Television Network (ATN) is a vehicle to be open and informative of God The Father, Son & Holy Spirit. ATN through example, Biblical presentations and personal testimony delivers to the good non-Christian an opportunity to hear and see Christian acts, the Bible and The Gospel in a free and non-judgmental way. The ATN Christian and non-Christian audience is free to intellectualize their understandings and freely become or not become a Christian. Worst case scenario is these non-Christians respect our right to be Christian and will consider our point of view on social issues. The best case scenario is they accept Christianity and are now doing their works for the Kingdom and not just for self righteousness. 

It is a delicate balance we play in evangelizing those who have been raised without Christianity, lack a moral compass of ethical and moral conduct or are fearful of Christian judgement. We are guided by our mission,”Do the Right Thing,” by being respectful, trustworthy and loving. This is the practice of Jesus and our vision for his return to occur, “Unity in Christ Through The Holy Spirit.”