Acts Ministry Affiliation

Becoming an Ordained, Licensed and Subordinated Ministry, Minister or Non-Profit of Acts Ministry, Inc.

4166 W. Kearney Street

Springfield MO 65803

Who Is Acts Ministry, Inc. (AMI)

AMI is a 30 year old parachurch* incorporated in the State of Missouri as a nonprofit corporation. AMI is transdenominational and transdoctrinal and welcomes all who believe in Jesus Christ and agree with its vision of “Unity, in Christ, through the Holy Spirit.” AMI’s mission is “Serving where needed by doing the right thing.” Its five member board includes various faith backgrounds including Baptist, Pentecostal, Catholic, Methodist and Presbyterian.

What Does AMI Do

AMI is a licensing and ordination service that additionally includes 501(c)3 cover to its subordinates. It also provides worldwide promotional media services to its ministers, ministries and nonprofits through Acts Media Group, Radio Free America, and the Real News-Review. AMI is also known for its advocacy and events for social issues involving autism, natural health, kidney awareness and fundraising, elder care, and veterans.

Where Does AMI Provide Its Services

AMI is worldwide with its home office in Springfield, MO, an administrative office in the Kansas City, MO, area and satellite offices around the world through its subordinated ministries. AMI credentials are accepted in all 50 states and 106 countries throughout the world.

How Much Does It Cost For a Pastor, Minister, Ministry or Nonprofit To Be Affiliated With AMI

AMI does not charge for credentials. That being said, AMI has a reporting form called the “SRG” which provides and proves connection, accountable supervision and confirmation. The acronyms stand for service, report and give. You are asked to serve “S” AMI by giving back service such as sending a copy of a sermon AMI can demonstrate, or helping out with an event, or just providing information or feedback on a TV or radio show. The “R” is a report about what you have done for works during the most recent month or quarter depending on your volume of activity. Finally, giving “G.” What have you given to AMI for their supervision, public confirmation, media promotion and educational support? We have ministries that give ten percent (10%) of all that they receive and we have ministers who give $5.00 a month. This is your responsibility as a Steward of Christ’s wealth.

How Can I Get In Touch With AMI

Emails: or

Address: 4166 W. Kearney, Springfield MO 65803

Phone Numbers: 816-217-3307 or 816-806-9391

Board of Directors:

President & Chairman: Dr. James R. Wining, Bishop

Vice-President & Communications Director: Bishop Dennis Eversen

Vice-President & Health and Wellness Director: Sandra Lowrance

Vice-President & Acts Media Group Operations Manager: Pastor Matthew Pearson

Treasurer & Administration: Mary Pam Wining

*Parachurch organizations are Christian faith-based organizations that work outside and across denominations to engage in social welfare and evangelism.