“Acts Media Group & The BIG Picture,” by Dr. James R. Wining

Reference: Acts Media Group (AMG Broadcasting)
Dear Supporter, Friend, Pastor and Ministry;

 We just finished a spiritually successful and ministerial time of remarkable accomplishment for our vision and missions. In the eight years I have served Acts Ministry as its president of, its Subordinated Ministries, Pastors and Ministers, I have never seen such growth in understanding the urgency of our works. The growth in appreciating the sacrifice and commitment by each and everyone was expressed in words such as, “We need more ActsFests during the Year,” and “What can I do to help?”

People stepped up with their talent, their financial support and commitment to the works we do of “Activities and Awareness,” of social needs. Whether it is a child with autism, a veteran with PTSD, a person with financial needs from kidney transplant surgery or a homeless addict, Acts Ministry strives to support and lead other Christian and social cause non-profits in stepping forward with the help. Through our missions we example our vision and we are able to reach out to both those in need and those helping to meet the needs with our vision of “Unity, in Christ, through The Holy Spirit.”  Our missions are “Doing the Right Thing where ever Needed.”

This New Year beginning after ActsFest 2021 represents a prayerful time of accountability for all of what we do. As good stewards of the time and money we receive, we must gather together our wisdom and listen carefully for The Holy Spirit.  While our Board has provided guidelines to operate within, we as supporters, ministers, ministries and pastors must set the platforms of performance.  A Subordinated Ministry made this remark during ActsFest,
“Acts Ministry is a small group of people who understand the Big Picture of Christianity.”

Another Pastor during ActsFest who had served a denomination for over 25 years stated, “Acts Ministry is a Higher Calling than the comforts of a church or a pew!”

Changes involving Acts Media Group and Specifically AMG Broadcasting  are in the hands of those who hear and answer the urgency of public awareness. We have several good unfunded programs that reach 100’s if not 1000’s of people weekly with Christian people exampling good works around the world. We also daily receive requests to provide programs on autism, drug addiction, music, educational teachings, how to do, and talent.

All of  the programs require physical and technical backup and support. This is either done as a volunteer or with a modest stipend.

After prayer and careful reflection, if you have time to give and/or financial support to offer  Acts Ministry in whatever project or duties  needed, please call me at 816-217-3307 OR Email me at 4321acts@gmail.com  Our website is www.actsmediagroup.com

Thank You & God Bless,
Dr. James R. Wining, Bishop/President