Acts Church By Dr. Paul Collins

This message is directed to the local folks who have an interest in First Acts Church, Springfield. Here is what I want you to know:

1. Acts Ministry, Inc. grew out of the efforts of Nancy, Nick and Judy Nickell, and myself after we began holding services on the 2nd Sunday of each month. Later, we expanded to include the 4th Sunday. Then, we changed the Sunday afternoon gatherings to the 1st and 3rd of each month. The services were marked with prayer, roller coaster growth (from fewer than 10 to about 100) and we began the giveaway program by sending people into ministry. The attendance dropped to about 20 and grew back to 40 plus. We again pruned the tree to further the cause of ministry.

2. Meanwhile, we began Acts Ministry University, Acts Press, Acts Radio, and the Acts Ministry International Prayer Circles. The prayer circles are now a part of the ministry of First Acts Church, and handled by my associate pastor, Bruce Pearson.

3. Four years ago, I turned Acts Ministry, Inc. over to Dr. Jim Wining. He has kept (and enhanced) all of the ministries.

4. At approximately the same time I founded, as a separate corporation, Acts Ministry Church International. That proved to be confusing. I changed the name to Acts Church United, and First Acts Church is the mother congregation representing the new corporation. First Acts Church is accountable to Acts Church United. Acts Church United is supportive of the programs and mission of Acts Ministry Church, Inc. with volunteers and some finances.

5. The important thing to remember is: ACTS CHURCH UNITED and ACTS MINISTRY are two separate organizations (legally) but brothers (or sisters) in Kingdom building. Also, remember that First Acts Church is the “home” congregation of the few churches associated with Acts Church United.

6. First Acts Church does not maintain a membership roll. You are a member simply by participating.

7. Just as Acts Ministry, Inc. in the past has sent many into ministry, First Acts Church has done the same. That is the reason our congregation is small.

8. Here is what we need to do:

  • Continue our heritage of praying for the sick
  • Help the downtrodden with financial aid and emotional support
  • Give understanding to those with addictions and other family and social issues

For the work of the KINGDOM and the lifting up of THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, please tell others about these services. We are the crest and the leading edge of a movement that began 25 years ago this month.

Your faithful attendance the 1st and 3rd Sundays is needed. DON’T LET THIS MOVEMENT DIE! Most of us are getting older! This is a fact! If we don’t do this job, who will? Your local church? Doubtful! Truth is truth!

A small beginning 25 years ago has resulted in an international ministry touching “dead” Christians, Muslims, Hindus, etc.

You may think your attendance isn’t a deal-breaker. Well, if everyone felt that way, this ministry would disappear.

You are needed!

Stay blessed,