“A Word of Comfort,” by Dr. James R. Wining

Dear Ministers, Ministries, Friends, Supporters and Missionaries, 

Sunday afternoon we were attacked by a Muslim “Hacker Team,” from Russia. They did not attempt to steal money or trade secrets but instead simply “Block our approach to Evangelizing Christianity.” Yes, we are out there in the forefronts in Asia, Africa, Europe and the rest of the four continents.  Needless to say we also forge on with the voice of Jesus Christ in our own country which is so full of confused and conflicting messages of life.
Our tools we are using are Acts Media Group, Acts Radio, Acts Television Network and The Real News-Review. Our craftsmen using these tools are Christ centered, Holy Spirit inspired and God loving transdenominational/trandoctoral soldiers. They continually through all available media means spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ without any prejudice to any body of Christ which is consist with the last prayer of Jesus John 17:20+ and our vision “Unity, in Christ, through The Holy Spirit.”
We were forced to spend a totally unexpected $1200.00 with Sitelock to protect “The Word,” unexpectedly and literally after millions of cyber attacks which eventually broke through the defenses we and most normal websites have. We have become a scary thing to non-Christian opponents with our openness and willingness to accept differences in religious practises without prejudice and with the understanding the future of Christianity is the last prayer of Jesus and the vision of Acts Ministry.
At ActsFest we recognized a few of these outstanding soldiers who gave generously, served faithfully and forever exampled Christianity with the principles of love, sharing, understanding, forgiveness, accountability and obedience, Pick up a pen and write an article for the RN-R or become part of our Acts Media Group Event Team or participate in TV or radio with Acts Television Network & Acts Radio. Keep on keeping on its not to late, people can come together by exampling the greatness and love of Jesus Christ.
Please, call us for an assignment at 816-217-3307 and support the work by clicking on this link: https://actsmediagroup.com/please-donate/