A Tribute to Christian Evangelist Joan Smith

Below is a letter of appreciation to the husband of Joan Smith, in recognition of her outstanding walk in Christ. Joan was truly part of the warriors of Christ who quietly and patiently due the work of Our Lord.

1736 East Sunshine Suite 216
Springfield, Missouri 65804

Pastor Dean Smith
P.O. Box 2931
Waterloo, Iowa 50704

May 8, 2019

Dear Dean,

On behalf of Acts Ministry and Pam and I, we take this moment to expressly recognize the life of your dear wife Joan Smith. I met Joan in 1991 and first witnessed firsthand her amazing testimony. Joan was a constant warrior for Christ with her family of four children, in many communities from Arizona to Iowa and all points in between.

Joan was always giving physical and spiritual support to her siblings her parents, her friends and her neighbors in Iowa and in Kansas City. She never stopped in talking about the love of Jesus, the greatness of God and the wonderful peace of The Holy Spirit. Her ministry with you traveled the world on the highways and byways and included the ministry of help for the homeless and the truly left behind.

Words will never cover this quiet Christian who dedicated her life to Christ and served Him with love that she shared abundantly with you, her children, her broader family and friends until her passing Monday May 6, 2019. I am pleased to advise Acts Ministry of this remarkable servant and to provide a token of appreciation of Joan’s life and more importantly her walk in Christ.

May the Holy Spirit comfort and guide you, Dean through this difficult life change. We will, who know Joan, always abide with her in memory until the reunion.  I remain,


In His Service,

Dr. James R. Wining, Bishop/President