Today seemed to be as good a time as any to write a few of my thoughts about politics and politicians. I am not looking for agreement, nor am I looking for confrontation. What I consider to be the truth, you may consider it to be one man’s opinion. Please be assured that I understand.

The reported news leads me to think that our United States of America are not united. Rather, I see the  Divided States of America. We have the following political positions (not listed in any particular order):

  • Far Left (Socialist)
  • Leaning Left (Moderately Socialist)
  • Middle ( Independent)
  • Leaning Right (Moderately Conservative)
  • Right (Conservative)

Regionally in our nation, it is obvious that some areas are more left than right and some are more right than left. Some are fence-sitters.

The above is a small part of my view of politics.

What I think about politicians in general is:

  • They are overpaid
  • They under perform
  • They have too many benefits
  • They have too many hidden perks
  • They should be term limited (on all levels of government)
  • They should be part time elected EMPLOYEES of the people

The list of my opinions could be much longer but the remainder will be held in reserve for another article.

This is not in the title of this essay, but I add this piece of opinion with some of my thoughts regarding government. I can sum this part up by simply stating that I believe that the federal government should be smaller — much smaller! More on this in an article yet to be written.